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Production of food trucks, shop-vans and mobile offices in Moscow. Sales in Russia and around the world.
Working hours:
from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm
Premium-class trailers "turnkey"
Food trucks
Mobile offices
740 000 ₽
city in the world
with the provision of a placement FOR FREE
When transferring 30,000 rubles to Philanthropic Foundation of Help for Seriously Sick Children "Osobennye Deti"


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Business on wheels:
10 times less investment, 2 times more payback
Model line-up
Model ENK-6
Model ENK-6 V
Model ENK-8
Model ENK-8 V
Model ENK-8 VT
Model ENK-8 T
Model SL-4
Model SL-4 V
Model SL-8
Model SL-8 V
Model SL-8 VT
Model SL-8 T
Model SL-5
Franchise licenses for our food trucks
Long trips to the office - it's not about us!
Live wherever and whenever you want! Any street, city, country!
Why look for a premises to rent when you can bring your premises!
Looking for anything new? We can help you!
Ski resorts, camps, tourist areas - we will arrange turnkey!
Work wherever and whenever you want! Any street, city, country!
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How to open a food truck?
  • Develop the concept, menu;
  • Buy a food truck with a complete set corresponding to your concept;
  • Open a legal person;
  • Rent a site with electricity to place a food truck;
  • Go through all authorities (SanPiN, Rospotrebnadzor...);
  • Start earning!
  • The advantage is that you can change the location and earn big money at various festivals and holidays..!
How to transport a food truck ?
The food truck is transported mainly on crossover utility vehicles of at least Toyota RAV4 class.
How is the delivery organized?
Delivery to any region, country is carried out using a transport company at the expense of the customer. Or you can pick up a food truck on your car, and transport it on your own like a trailer.
Is there a generator in a food truck?
We have developed a special generator that is built into the sound-insulated box (inside the food truck), the floor hides a 75L gas tank with a hatch for refueling at the filling station, and the discharge leader is drawn up through the roof. Enough for about 12 hours of work. Generator power is from 10 to 20 kW.
Is there insulation in a food truck?
The walls and floor of a food truck are insulated with a double layer of insulation to avoid heat loss. It is possible to install a heat-insulated floor, and thermal curtains above the windows and above the entrance door. Our food trucks passed a good frosty test drive in Khabarovsk, Irkutsk and Omsk!)
Do I need to register a food truck in the traffic police?
Together with the food truck you get the vehicle certificate of ownership with a special mark SHOP-VAN or MOBILE CATERING OUTLET.
A food truck must be registered in the traffic police, you must get the license plate.
You can order a registration service from us.
Without your presence, we will carry out all the necessary procedures, and you will take your food truck with the installed license plate.
What is the heating equipment in the food truck?
The equipment for cooking is usually bought by customers themselves. Since basically, it is a desktop and simply plugged into an outlet. If the equipment needs to be installed, then by prior agreement with us, you order it with delivery to our shop, and we charge for the installation works.
How is the external design developed ?
You can use the services of our designer, or hire your own. In case of involvement of the designer, we will provide you all necessary materials for design development on our food truck.
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