Franchise from PizzaFabrika - is a Multi-format product, manufacturability, payback.
PizzaFabrika is a chain of family cafes and pizzerias with delivery, offering customers the popular dishes of modern cuisine: pizza, rolls, WOK noodles. Our main advantages are our own cloud automation system and the fact that we meal our clients for any reason (besides the main menu, business lunches, evening and children's menu). Our production facilities are always busy!
We offer ready-made solutions for business organization.
Food truck with delivery

Return on investment
from 6,500,000 rub
150,000 rub
1-6 month - 3.5% from
the 7th month - 5%
1-3 months
from 24 months
from 1,350,000 rub/month
from 240,000 rub/month
Food truck is a vehicle (mobile motor-vehicle trailer) and a catering facility operating in Take Away format (to take with you) and for delivery. The individual project was developed jointly with the EdaNaKolesah company and has no analogues in Russia.
PizzaFabrika's own cloud automation system allows you to create a whole chain of food trucks, covering with the delivery area the entire city with a population of 10,000 people — a delivery radius of up to 2 km. Reception of orders for delivery is carried out through the Single Call-center or website (application). The complete set of the enterprise already includes sewage, heating, water supply, Internet, gas supply, power supply, IT equipment. The limited menu is designed specifically for this format and allows you to minimize the time to reach self-sufficiency. Modern innovative design attracts the attention of potential customers.
Main advantages

The company uses modern technology to accelerate all work processes and make a stable high-quality product. We keep up with the times, and sometimes overtake, using all the technical innovations to the maximum. You can do the same!

- own cloud automation system with technical support
- pizza, roll and WOK constructors
- single ordering services
- website and applications
- client's personal account
- stream of the kitchen online
- tracking the location of the courier by the client
- order status tracking
- own cloud storage accounting
- control of online advertising distribution

Продукт "ПиццаФабрики" - не только качественная еда, но и сервис, который ее окружает.

- working modules for all key employees
- single call-center and federal number
- responsive website and apps for ios and android
- stylish modern interior of public places

We do not strive to open a large number of enterprises that will "work for the sake of work"; we create a catering chain with the prospect of a monthly turnover NOT LOWER THAN THE ORIGINAL INVESTMENTS OF OUR FRANCHISEES.

- free delivery
- a wide range of main menu dishes (pizza, rolls, wok noodles, pasta, etc.)

- recognition that guarantees the trust of customers
- registered trade mark
- really tasty pizza on home-made dough
- branded recipes and proven technology of cooking
- branded packaging, uniform for staff
- branded vehicle fleet
- status "the best delivery service", repeatedly
- assigned to the company following the results of various city competitions

In 2016, "PizzaFabrika" opened its own distribution center in Yaroslavl, which today supplies all branches of the chain with branded products - delivers packaging for all categories of dishes, a company uniform for staff, souvenirs, branded accessories for public places and other goods.

We are ready to teach you everything we know and can do. The question is, are you ready to learn and change your ideas about the business for the success of your enterprise? If so, we are waiting for you in our team!

- assistance in the selection of premises, staff and equipment
- ready design project of premises
- manual for the management of the enterprise
- detailed instructions for staff
- staff training
- presence at the launch of specialists of the management company
- brand book with the base of advertising materials
- centralized delivery of branded products from the wholesale warehouse of the company
- access to a single knowledge base - advice on all issues before and after launch
We offer an exclusive right to any free city with a population of up to 1 million people! We are confident in the successful start of our franchisee's business, because we are choosing to partner with people who are ready for serious work and responsibility for the result! Franchise "PizzaFabrika" for those who want to be the first!
Franchise application
Franchise application